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17 August 2009 @ 08:52 pm
Round 2 Challenge 11 Results  
thanks for the votes everyone - unfortunately, we must say farewell to another fab icon-maker.

Eliminated with -4 votes:

by icequeen3101

thanks for participating, hun! I'm sorry to see you go!

People's Choice with +4 votes:

by shorecallssea


Gryfinndor: +2 / -2
Slytherin: +4 = +4
Hufflepuff: +1 / -1 = 0
Ravenclaw: -4 = -4

Needs Improvement:

Gryffindor - the colouring on most is rather dull, and the applied text seems rather random - I like the Emma icon, though.
Gryffindor - While all of them are pretty the text on the first is hardly readable and I'm missing the creative variation the other sets have.

Hufflepuff- i think the texture used over powers the icons, perhaps if more contrast was used it would look better.

Ravenclaw : In the icons the textures are too overpowering and harsh. Opacity should have been lowered, particularly in the second icon.
ravenclaw: the textures used in #2 & 4 don't work well with the images. the edges of the actors look oversharp, possibly from techniques used rather than actual sharpening.
Ravenclaw: the textures don't fit that good with the images.
Ravenclaw- The icons are nice but the textures used are a bit overwhelming


gryffindor: lovely, well-balance colouring on all icons.

Slytherin : Nice and clean, good image quality and unique coloring.
Slytherin-The colouring is lovely, as is the use of text

Hufflepuff - lovely warm colouring, and interesting crops
Angie: actors: kate walshicequeen3101 on August 18th, 2009 11:51 am (UTC)
Thanks for having me for so long, I thought I'd be out sooner ^___^