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Harry Potter LIMS

Last icon maker standing

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w e l c o m e
Welcome to lims_hp! A lims community dedicated to all things Harry Potter!

Tiny icons found at hobbitholes
r u l e s
- I'm going to go back to a traditional lims this time around - no secret word, just sign up and enter!!
- Because of the popularity of Harry Potter, I've decided that I will run this lims a little differently.
-We will have two 'rounds' for this lims. One iconathon, I'll post all the images and challenge at one time, you must enter all and have one skip to use in that round.
-Each week I will post a poll that everyone must vote in.
-Based on the outcome of the polls, the 7 people with the highest point totals will advance to the lims.
- If you have a problem, you can always contact me by e-mail : pokecharm@livejournal.com
- You may use a promo to advertise the community as many times as you like, but only ONE extra skip will be permitted per round.
- Each person will start with one skip and can have no more than two skips total, one for each round.
- Type "HBP in July, what the deuce?" in your comment so I know you read the rules.

- You may not show your icon ANYWHERE ELSE until voting is CLOSED. You do not need to wait until results are posted. For example, when you see the comment CLOSED on a voting post, then it is safe to show your icon.
- It is required to enter the first round.
- Voting should be CONSTRUCTIVE.
- Anonymous entries and votes are NOT accepted.
- You may change your entry as many times as you like up until the deadline, just edit or delete the previous comment to avoid confusion.
i c o n a t h o n r u l e s
- Please be kind. This is not a place for nastiness.
- I will post the challenges all at once and you are expected to enter your icon before the deadline, no late submissions or extensions will be granted
- There will be a seven-round iconathon. Seven different challenges will be posted and you are expected to enter all of them.
- The people who have the seven highest point totals will advance to the lims
- Each voting round will have one winner only. Points will be given for winnng first(10), second (6) and third(4) and a point for entering (1)
- At the end of each week, I will post the stats in order of highest-to-lowest points
- Suggestions are welcomed.
l i m s r u l e s
- Please be kind. This is not a place for nastiness.
- Once we enter the lims, only one skip will be allowed before the final rounds.
- The last challenge to use skips are when there are five people left and only one person may use a skip per week/challenge
- The number of people being eliminated per week will be one only
- If you enter an icon in a round, you must vote or it will result in a minus vote for your icon.
- Always use the textbox to vote.
- When it comes down to the final three, they will not be allowed to vote in the final challenge. A penalty will not occur.
s c h e d u l e
SUBMISSION : Saturday-Wednesday
VOTING : Thursday-Saturday
RESULTS : Saturday

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